Established in 2002, Heritage Towers Museum was inaugurated and open to the public in June of 2005. The museum exhibits are vital components of the culture of West Virginia, providing enriching educational and cultural enlightenment for all, from pre-school age children to senior citizens. Visitors to the museum are impressed with the unique and rich history of the state.

The exhibits are reflections of time providing vital historical perspectives of African Americans in West Virginia. Museum galleries unfold the story of Black Culture & African Heritage from life in West Africa, to the history of African Americans in the coal mines.

Among the exhibits housed in Heritage Towers are displays of rural African life, the slave auction block and the Underground Railroad trails, “Jim Crow” era in post reconstruction America, the African American coal miners in West Virginia, and a timeline of the civil rights movement from the 1950′s through the 1990′s.

Heritage Towers Museum is a place of learning and a place to experience African and African American culture in the heart of Charleston.