Heritage kids club

HERITAGE KIDS CLUB (HKC) is a group established by the Heritage Towers Museum to engage children from grades K through 5; teaching them about benefits of friendship, cooperation and collaboration in everyday activity. The program promotes weekend and after activities of learning in a safe environment. Kids enjoy the beauty of living in a diverse society exposing them to the rich history of African and American culture throughout time.

Participation in activities will challenge the club members and inspire them to be creative, productive and progressive with new ideas as well as gaining respect and knowledge about each other.

Heritage Kid’s Club (HKC) expects. HKC is for children in grades Kindergarten to 5th Grade. HKC offers its members an opportunity to pursue several interesting projects that are unique and educational. These are fun and complimenting activities that require the cooperation of everyone. We encourage our members to approach new ideas with an open mind.

All members have the potential to behave in a responsible and appropriate manner. Honesty and respect from all members towards each other is required. To encourage a safe and positive environment and to ensure that HKC operates efficiently the following guidelines must be followed.

LISTEN and FOLLOW direction.
WALK in the building.
RAISE HANDS and wait to be called upon.
ASK PERMISSION to leave class.


Arts & Crafts
New Friends
Diversity Education
Field Trips