Visitors to the Museum are encouraged to use the opportunity to learn about the sacrifices and significant contributions, made by African Americans from West Virginia, to the United States of America.

The importance of black history education in the context of Heritage Towers is predicated on the principle of expanding knowledge through discourse and frequent exposure; hence our slogan “Every Month is Black History Month”. For this reason, Heritage Towers pays a special tribute to a time honored American tradition celebrated nationally as Black History month.

Heritage Towers takes pride in elevating the unique accomplishments of black people from West Virginia, which in so many ways have made an indelible mark in American history.

Our museum is a dual use facility promoting Heritage Towers’ programming in education and economic development initiatives.

Starting on the West Virginia Black Heritage Trail, Heritage Tours offers visitors a spectacular opportunity to experience West Virginia’s rich history in the greater Charleston Metro and Kanawha Valley historic districts. *The African American Heritage tour of Kanawha Valley stretches along side the Kanawha River to encompass several stops including Booker T. Washington’s boyhood home in Malden, to West Virginia Colored Institute, now West Virginia State University (WVSU). The WVSU campus was previously the site of a plantation field in the 19th century located in Institute, West Virginia.

Among several African-American historic sites to be visited, are the segregated Garnet High School for Blacks and “The Block”, an area that was home for some prominent African Americans and Black businesses in Charleston. Climb on-board Heritage Tours for an enriching experience and appreciate the contributions made by people of African heritage from West Virginia.